Will there be a high-speed broadband network in place?

Yes. Network provider Enable will be installing fibre broadband network in Beachgrove, enabling every house to be able to connect to this state-of-the-art internet service – a first for a subdivision in Kaiapoi.

A list of current service providers is available for you to ensure your home is online, up and running for when you move in. To find out more about fibre broadband and how to connect to your new home, simply visit

Is there a school associated with Beachgrove?

Yes, there certainly is. Kaiapoi North Primary School is located on the immediate west boundary of Beachgrove. Direct access is via a pedestrian and cycle way.

Are the homes acoustically treated?

All townhouse units have solid 190mm thick concrete block party walls that provide excellent noise control and fire ratings between adjoining units.

How good structurally are the homes?

These homes are built to last. Designed and constructed to the normal high standard associated with all Mike Greer Homes and carry the Masterbuild 10-year warranty. Built to the latest post-earthquake building code, all homes come with the specifically engineered waffle slab foundation.

How good is the land?

Beachgrove have completed extensive site investigations with Geotechnical Engineers Tonkin & Taylor, and it was determined that the earthquake events of 2011/12 had very little discernible impact on the land.

Because Beachgrove is being developed in the post-earthquake environment, specifically engineered land improvements predominantly through the importation of a densified and reinforced gravel raft have been undertaken to ensure all sections perform to a minimum of TC2 standard, with later stages also likely to be of TC1.

Tonkin & Taylor have confirmed these ratings, and the Wamakariri Council Geotechnical Consultants have independently verified this.

Is the site protected from flooding and future sea level rise?

The entire site will be raised to a minimum of 2 metres above mean sea level with a imported densified gravel layer and all finished floor levels will be at least 2.4 metres above mean sea level.
These requirements have been set by the Council to protect from future sea level rise.

How does the sewer system work?

An Eco Flow low-pressure sewer system – the most earthquake resilient system in the market, will be installed by the developer to each residential lot.

How does the stormwater system work?

A piped stormwater system will be implemented to cater for storm events as required by the Council and Environment Canterbury. All properties are connected to this piped system meaning no requirement for onsite soakage pits and the like. All stormwater is treated and cleansed of contaminants before leaving the development.