Developers vision

Walking the streets of the established community of Beachgrove today, you do not need to look far to find children riding their bikes through the streets and families enjoying all that Beachgrove has to offer. When the development team behind Beachgrove initially viewed the site in 2012 and envisioned the development that now stands today, an important part of their vision was to deliver affordable homes, without compromising on quality and to establish a real sense of community within the development. The location further inspired the Beachgrove team to pursue this vision, neighboring Kaiapoi North School and the close proximity to the Kaiapoi town centre. Today, the developers early vision is evident throughout the master-planned development, with over 150 sections and homes now established at Beachgrove.

Our values are your values

Affordability. Quality. Sustainability. Community. Choosing how and when you work, and how and when you enjoy the rest of what life has to offer. We’ve laid the groundwork for you at Beachgrove – come and kickstart your own journey from here.

Tread lightly on this earth

Smart consumers these days quite rightly expect their homes to be warm, insulated and energy efficient. And many also expect the option of being able to grow some of their own food, indoor or outdoor.


The properties already completed at Beachgrove are designed with sustainability and cost efficiency in mind. Not to mention the multiple other environmental benefits designed into this development – reduced commuter time, reduced congestion, improved walking and cycling, supported economic growth, improved safety, job creation and access to jobs…


A healthy home is as good for the environment as it is for you. You can trust the choices available to you at Beachgrove.